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Eduardo Recife
Name:Eduardo Recife

"I´ve been drawing since I was little. At school I had notebooks filled with drawings instead of  notes. I used to tattoo my buddies with a black ink pen. I used to draw on any kind of surface when I was bored... I believe it's what I do best. It's also the best way for me to communicate things I can't find words for... It's a therapy, it's a hobby, it's a job, it's what makes me happy."

Clients List

Absolute • Adobe • Adrenalin • American Express • American Greetings • Analog • Burton Snowboards • CNT • CNX • Delaneau • Entertainment Weekly • ENI • Etapes • Fast Magazine • FIFA • F/Nazca • Fine Living • Foreign Policy • Global Brief • Graniph • Harvard Business School • HBO • Houghton Mifflin Harcourt • How Magazine • International Herald Tribune • Mayhen & Press • Newsweek • Nike • Panic! At the Disco • Paramount Pictures • Raygun • Rip Curl • Showtime • TCM • The Guardian • The New York Times • The Oprah Magazine • The Stranger • Travel + Leisure • Wieden + Kennedy • Warner Brothers • Youtube • Volkswagen.


Diálogos da Alma: SOLO SHOW: Orlando Lemos Galeria (Brazil) 2016

Int'nl Weird Collage Show Valladolid: Collective Exhibition: La Atómica (Spain) 2016

Illustrative Annual YIA Exhibition: Collective Exhibition: Direktorenhaus (Germany) 2015

Antimônio: Collective Exhibition: Galeria Mama/Cadela (Brasil) 2014

All That Remains - A Survey of Contemporary Collage and Culture: Ugly Art Room (US) 2012

Do Outro Lado: Collective Show: Brazilian Embassy  (Japan) 2010

August: Collective Show: Guerrero Galley (US) 2010

!a Mostra 3M de Arte Digital: Centro Histórico Mckenzie (Brazil) 2010

Retroism: Collective Exhibition: Retrospect Gallery – Australia (2010)

This is the End of the World as We Know it: Mohs – Denmark (2019)

Brazilian Illustraion: Collective Exhibition: Gallery 23 – (UK) (2009)

Design Brasileiro Hoje: Collective Exhibition: MAM – Sào Paulo (Brazil) 2009

Indizível (ROJO): Collective Exhibition: Galeria Pop (Brazil) 2009

Sem Titulo: Collective Exhibition: Mamacadela (Brazil) 2008

Art Trek 3: Collective Exhibition:  Galerie Mekanik  (Belgium) 2007

Junta Show: Collective Exhibition: Scion Gallery (USA) 2006

T.M.B.G Show: Collective Exhibition: Garde-Rail Gallery (USA) 2005

44 Boards: Collective Exihition: Mahan Gallery (USA) 2005

The Drama A-Z:  New Image Art Galery (USA) 2005
The Drama A-Z:  Ada Gallery (USA) 2005
The Drama A-Z:  Lump Gallery (USA) 2005

Next Festival: (Lithuania) 2005

55dsl & FaestHetic: Contribution for show/book. (USA) 2004

Entre a Casa e o Jardim: Collective Exhibition (Brazil) 2004

Expo Arte Digital: Collective exhibition (Brazil)  2004 

Centro + Media: Collective Exhibition (Mexico) 2004